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Do you have DIY tips or helpful hints for your neighbors? If so, please send them to us at contactus@plumharborplumbay.com and we will add them to this page, as we receive them. Please note: any repairs you make are undertaken at your own risk. You must submit an ACC application (available on the document page) before undertaking any architectural changes to your home.  This includes installing satellite dishes. Thank you!

Painting Gas Lamps                  posted by Peter C., Plum Harbor
I just finished repairing and painting my Gas Lamp. It looks great and is shining bright and is white again. I purchased my gas mantles purchased online from the American Mantle Co.

Replacing Doorbells                  posted by Peter C., Plum Harbor
About 9 years ago my doorbell was broken and we replaced it with a wireless system. We put in two internal chime units (battery powered so no wiring) one downstairs and one upstairs. As for the front door doorbell push button I removed it: To do this:1.Remove Power. I disconnected the AC power to the Bell Transformer from the power socket, I found mine in the garage up on the wall. 2.Then at the front doorbell, I carefully taped up the wires with PVC tape. Careful because it may have 120VAC on it. 3. Then I removed the old button & plate and put in a blank plate and stuck on the small battery powered wireless button (It has a self adhesive on back) onto the blank plate. As an alternative location you may stick the Wireless button on your door and disable the old one. You even could put a second button on the rear door if you wish. The Wireless units I used have a code you can set, so in this case all units should be on the same code.

Batteries do last years. The only problem I had after about two years was with a little corrosion on the wireless doorbell units battery contact, but I simply put a little bit of Vaseline on the contacts and have had no further problems since.

Wireless doorbells start at about $15 which is a single indoor unit with one doorbell button. I would check out the sound to make sure you like it and that it can be set loud enough. I noticed there is also a model with a flashing Light for the hard of hearing. To install the indoor unit, I simply put it on a wall where it could be heard and was not obtrusive. Just the small screws & wall plugs that came with the unit were enough to hold it on the drywall. Mine was battery powered so NO WIRES at all.


The Service Providers listed have solicited business from our community either by flyer or mail and in some cases, have been used by one or more of our home owners  This listing is not an endoresment or recommendation of their service and is provided as information only.  As always, make sure you properly vet any service provider you consider hiring!

Innovative Plumbing Solutions LLC - Licensed & Insured                              Yves Georgiev, Owner            Phone: 954-697-0958

LL Property Services located in Davie, FL -Phone 954-302-5333 Licensed & Insured - Pressure Cleaning, Painting (Interior & Exterior, Board-Up and Security Services, Masonry, Trash & Debris Removal, Tree Trimming & Removal, Pluming, Electrical, Pest Control, Weed Control & Fertilization......More!