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Welcome, Residents of Plum Bay & Plum Harbor!

This site is designed to provide important news about your community, as well as to help you communicate with the Board, our management company, and to network with other community residents.

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  • Plum Bay information: HOA forms, applications, bylaws, Board Members and general community information.   
  • Plum Harbor information: HOA forms, applications, bylaws, Board Members and general community information.
  • Neighborhood Network: a place for neighbors to share tips and ideas, with an area for local merchant advertising, and a community networking feature.
  • Resources: links to useful information, such as our management company (ASKEA), the City of Tamarac, hurricane information, and others.

Announcements - 

COMMUNITY EVENTS                                                                     THERE ARE NO NEW EVENTS PLANNED.  If you are interested in developing a community event of any kind, please contact ASKEA and ask that a board member contact you to discuss your suggestion.


THE PLUMS ON FACEBOOK - Join your neighbors in community discussions on our facebook page "Plum Bay and Plum Harbor HOA"

LAWN MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE                                                             Our Lawn Maintenance Company is Perfectionist. 

April 2nd and April 17th .  Shrub trimming date will be announced.  Please make sure your gates are unlocked.

Attn: Plum Harbor:   Please make sure your gates are unlocked during the scheduled maintenance and that any lawn ornaments or lighting is removed.  Neither the maintenance company nor the association is responsible for lawn ornaments or lighting that is not removed..

Contact Scott Taylor at ASKEA if you have any questions. 

Board of Directors Meeting

Board Meetings will be held quarterly.   Meeting notices will be posted 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  Meetings will be held at the main pool.  Special Meetings may be called at any time with a 48 hour advanced notice.

If you have not received your Plum Harbor or Plum Bay Payment Coupons please contact ASKEA.

Questions? Contact us at:

ASKEA Property Management  

Phone 561-245-4444 or Fax 561-245-4447

Kristine Thompson, Director of Customer Relations
Amanda Taylor, Director of Operations
Scott Taylor, Maintenance Supervisor
Address: 299 W. Camino Gardens Blvd. #203, Boca Raton, FL 33432