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ASSESSMENT: if we do not get enough proxies voting yes by Feb. 28, 2015 the Assessment will be $565.00 per unit. Unpaid assessments are subject to Lien.                 

UPDATE: 2-2-2016 So far we are short by at least 100 proxies and we will need them by the beginning of March.  If we do not have them, we will announce a meeting to for the board to vote on a Special Assessment.

Copy of Proxy

As previously announced, we were unable to achieve a quorum to hold the special meeting to consider the proposed amendments to Article 7, Section 7.02 and 7.03 of our Declaration. The consequences of that inaction by the community has resulted in a loss of approximately $12K just recently when a Bank foreclosed property was sold owing a delinquent balance.  Because we did not pass the amendment, neither the new owner nor the bank was responsible for the delinquency owed by the former owner.  So we, the homeowners, will have to make up that loss of revenue.  This is the first of more to come unless we pass this amendment.  We are owned more than $100K in delinquencies on properties where foreclosure is imminent.  Our budget cannot withstand a loss of that magnitude and the board will have no other choice but to consider annual assessments to recover losses resulting in our failure to amend Article 7.             

We will call a special meeting to consider passing the amendment one more time.  FYI, every time we do a mailing for this amendment it cost us about $700.00 so I hope this time we can create enough interest in protecting our property and get a quorum to hold the meeting and take a vote.

LAWN MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE                                                             Our Lawn Maintenance Company is Perfectionist. 

Lawn Trimming will be done on Friday, Feb 12 and Friday, Feb 26.    Shrub trimming this month will be announced at a later date.  Weed Spraying will be done on the last Thursday and Friday of each month.

Attn: Plum Harbor:   Please make sure your gates are unlocked during the scheduled maintenance and that any lawn ornaments or lighting is removed.  Neither the maintenance company nor the association is responsible for lawn ornaments or lighting that is not removed..                   

If you have not received your Plum Harbor or Plum Bay Payment Coupons please contact Lindsey-Taylor Property Management, Inc.

Questions? Contact the Property Manager at:

LINDSAY-TAYLOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC.                                4300 N. University Drive, Ste #A102                                                             Lauderhill, FL 33351                                                                                      Phone 954-747-3255      Fax 954-749-5916                                        Speak to Mandi or Scott Taylor

Board of Directors Meeting

Board Meetings will be held every other month. Meeting notices will be posted 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  If there is no notice posted for a regularly scheduled meeting then it has been cancelled. Meetings will be held at the main pool.  Special Meetings may be called at any time with a 48 hour advanced notice.

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